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This is really the best way of meeting people," she confirms. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars from his wealthy cousin to fund his legal defense in the corruption cases against him, without receiving the necessary approval from the State Comptroller. Netanyahu on Tuesday resubmitted a request to the state ombudsman to allow his cousin Nathan Milikowsky and US tycoon Spencer Partrich to cover legal expenses relating to the three probes against him, one of which involves gifts he received from billionaire benefactors. In his testimony, Partrich admitted to police that he had bought Netanyahu a number of expensive suits, but said Milikowsky paid him back for them, Haaretz reported in January. The Permits Committee had faulted the prime minister for not including the amounts he was seeking from the donors, how much has already been contributed, and to which cases the money would be designated. In addition to the investigation into the gifts he received from billionaire benefactors, Netanyahu is being investigated in two other probes — cases and — involving potential quid pro quo deals for regulatory favors in exchange for positive media coverage. Police have recommended that he be indicted for bribery in all three cases, a charge that state prosecutors reportedly also favor in at least one of the cases. He has denied wrongdoing, and has accused police, media, and law enforcement of waging a witch hunt against him. Media reports have indicated that Mandelblit will announce his decision on a possible indictment, pending a hearing, in February.

She was referring to the so-called Shidduch Crisis that has in recent years caused a panic throughout Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclaves in New York and New Jersey. Among Hasidic Jews, men and women generally marry at the same age, so this problem has not affected them. The result: Some women in every cohort pass unwed through their conventional prime marrying years. That scenario, plus the rapid growth of these communities—an estimated 3 percent per year—means more year-old women than year-old men. Marital aspirants meet almost exclusively through the intercession of s hadchanim like this group in Borough Park.

Curiously, the genetic mutation that caused the virulent breast cancer had previously been found primarily in Jewish people whose ancestral home was Central or Eastern Europe. With the zeal of an investigative reporter, Beatrice Wright searched for both cancer and Jewish ancestry in her family tree. That day they surprised one another: The women had roots in southern Colorado, near the New Mexico border. Pooling their information, the counselors published a report in a medical journal about finding the gene mutation in six "non-Jewish Americans of Spanish ancestry.

Liora Age: Beverly Hills, California Occupation: Product Manager at a Startup Denomination: Harvard University Favorite first date spot: Ashlyn Age: LA Occupation: Early childhood Denomination: Orthodox Favorite first date spot: Ideal bagel: Sammie Age: NYC Hometown: Scarsdale, New York Occupation: Media Planning at Nickelodeon Denomination: Just Jewish Alma Mater: Never settle for someone just for the sake of having something over nothing.

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She leans on her wing-woman business, which is not exclusively Jewish, as a more lucrative part-time job. Davis is a New York City wingwoman for Jewish singles: Davis reviews applications and conducts in-person interviews for groups of men and women selected from a database of thousands. Home Schmooze: Your Jewish Pop Culture Fix. I watch a man walk bravely towards a cluster of women, bearing a solo cup containing straight vodka. It seems that even for a person who is young, living in New York City, and great at planking, meeting a Jew is not as easy as meeting a non-Jew. Davis makes it easier for Jews who want to meet Jews to do so, at her own expense. Alyssa Hartstein is a Jewish communal professional who lives in Manhattan. As if that was not enough of a selling point, my potential roommate, Tayla, was a girl from Westchester county who also works as a Jewish communal professional like me. All I was thinking about was the fact that I wanted to see the space, make sure this girl was normal, then go home and stuff my face with an Enlightened bar while watching The Bachelor — I was not particularly there to meet my new BFF.

Meet Jewish Women in Coudun
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