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Sayeeda Warsi examines some of the many ways to be a Muslim woman in 21st century Britain. Sayeeda was the first Muslim woman to sit in the British Cabinet, but even at the top table of British government she was frustrated by lazy stereotypes about Muslim women. How to Be a Muslim Woman. Bridging the Gulf This episode is related to Women's rights in Islam. When Muslim women do get to speak, she says, it's too often only when they fit one of those stereotypes, or an existing established narrative, whether it's about domestic violence, forced marriage or the burka. So for this programme she has spoken to Muslim women from a range of backgrounds and viewpoints about their lives, their choices and their experiences, in the process sharing some of the many ways to be a Muslim woman. Women's rights in Islam Islam and women Women in Islam. This episode is related to Women's rights in Islam. Sayeeda Warsi explores how to be a Muslim woman in 21st-century Britain. In the first episode of her new podcast, Sayeeda Warsi speaks to spoken word poet Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan about Islam, patriarchy and why she wasn't sure about taking part. See all episodes from How to be a Muslim Woman. Sign in to the BBC, or Register. How to be a Muslim Woman. Home Episodes Podcast.

A kashmiri Muslim woman weeps as forensi A kashmiri Muslim woman weeps as forensic experts exhume the body of Kashmiri Abdul Rehman Paddar, killed during an alleged gun-battle, at a cemetry at Sumbal, some 40 kms north of the capital, Srinagar, 01 February The exhumation came after New York-based Human Rights Watch branded the killing an 'extrajudicial execution' at the hands of police.

In Western countries, however, women find that wearing a head covering makes it harder to get hired. Many women who cover talk about it as a way demonstrating their submission to God and a constant reminder to hold fast to Islamic beliefs such as being honest and generous to those in need. Today, some women wear the hijab to signal pride in their ethnic identity. So, inshe started World Hijab Day — a day for both Muslim and non-Muslim women to experience wearing a headscarf. In fact, 13 percent of adult Muslims in the U.

The system that protects male privilege and gender hierarchies goes into overdrive when the reputation at stake is that of prominent Muslim men, such as clerics. There are layers of intersecting oppressions — patriarchy and Islamophobia — that make it particularly difficult for Muslim women to speak out about their experiences. Islam Feminism Religion Women comment. One friend told me she had to hide all Facebook posts related to a cleric, accused of sexual predation of women, from her timeline because the interrogation and abuse got too much. This reaction is familiar to many Muslim women who speak out, write, or activate in public spaces against the patriarchal oppressions and violence they face. There is also the strange but not surprising and seemingly shared objective between anti-Muslim racists and people from within Muslim communities who wish to uphold patriarchal structures of oppression, both of whom would rather see Muslim women disappear from public life altogether. So I choose to believe women. Many Muslim women know they must prepare themselves to be patronised, misrepresented, and tokenised when they speak out.

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A collapsed road is seen following torrential rain caused by typhoon Lan in Kishiwada, Japan. Differences on these questions also are apparent between Muslims who want sharia to be the official law of the land in their country and those who do not. Muslims in most countries surveyed say that a wife should always obey her husband. Muslims in South Asia and Southeast Asia overwhelmingly hold this view. The percentage of Muslims who say that a wife should have the right to divorce her husband varies widely among the countries surveyed, as does the proportion that believes sons and daughters should inherit equally. In nearly all countries surveyed, a majority of Muslims say that a wife should always obey her husband. are men not expected to approach women.

Kishiwada Muslim Women
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